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Roland TD-50K-S V-Drums Complete 5 Pc Electronic Drum Kit TD-50 #32985

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BRAND: Roland


FUNCTION: V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Roland TD-50K-S V-Drums Electronic Drum kit.  


  • TD-50DP box
    • TD-50 (drum sound module)
    • PD-140DS (V-Pad digital snare)
    • CY-18DR (V-Cymbal digital ride)
    • Setup guide
  • TD-50KA box
    • VH-11 (V-Hi-hat)
    • CY-12C (V-Cymbal for crash 1)
    • CY-13R (V-Cymbal for crash 2)
    • PDX-100 (V-Pad for tom) [x3]
  • KD-120 (V-Kick Trigger Pad and related hardware)
  • MDS-50K (Assembled)


  • 3 Cymbal holders
  • 3 Tom holders (2 already attached to the frame)
  • Stick bag
Please note that this listing does not include a kick pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, or drum throne.


  • USB extender cable [x2]

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good- All items still in their packaging are in fantastic shape, appearing to have been lightly used but being pristine, save a few faint scratches here and there. The assembled hardware is in similar shape, overall being well cared for and feeling highly sturdy. All in all, this is a great bundle of hardware making a complete V-Drums kit!

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - All drums trigger responsively, as do the cymbals and controls on the brain unit. I/O jacks are intact, all hardware is as well. Terrific shape all around and overall in excellent working condition.


Box 1: 43.45 lbs

Box 2: 29.3 lbs

Box 3: 19.5 lbs

Box 4: 30.6 lbs


Box 1: 33" x 17" x 23.5" 

Box 2: 26" x 14.5" x 17.5" 

Box 3: 20" x 10" x 20" 

Box 4: 40" x 12" x 12" 

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