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ROCKTRON Power Station Power Distributer for Guitar Pedals & Rack Gear #28195

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MODEL : Power Station

FUNCTION : Rack Power Distributer

DESCRIPTION : This listing is for a ROCKTRON Power Station (Power Distributer).

ACCESSORIES : This item comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION : Good- This item has a few noticeable scratches over the top of it. These scratches look like rack-rash caused by the previous rack-mounting of the unit. The front plate of the power distributor has a few noticeable scratches, and some of the "Rocktron" branding letterings are starting to fade. 

WORKING CONDITION : Very Good- All four IEC outputs work great. For the 6 barrel power supply outlets, the unit has been modified internally to give DC output at two of the terminals instead of stock 9VAC. Connections from the 2nd outlet were used with the 1st outlet in order to provide 14VDC. Therefore, in this current set up, the 2nd outlet is disconnected and does not provide any power. With the help of a knowledgeable tech, the unit can be put back to stock, if one wanted to. From L to R looking at the rear of the unit, the output for each of the 6 outlets are: 14VDC, (no power), 9VDC, 9VAC, 9VAC, 9VAC.


ACTUAL DIMS : 19"x 2"x 7"

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