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RCA 12AX7A 12AU7 6BG6G 6K6GT Electron Tube Valve Lot Owned by Matt Hyde

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BRAND: RCA | JJ Electronic | GE | Matsushita

MODEL: 12AX7A 12AU7 6BG6G 6K6GT 

FUNCTION: Electron Tubes

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a lot of various RCA, JJ Electronics, GE, and Matsushita electron tubes owned by Matt Hyde. All the tubes are NOS new and never used except the ones that are noted as used.


(All tubes are RCA brand unless otherwise noted)

  • 6BG6 G
  • 6K6 GT [x2]
  • 6K6 GT (used) [x2]
  • 12Q7 GT/G
  • 6GF7A
  • 6U8A
  • 6AK5 [x2]
  • 6X8
  • 6AQ5A
  • 6CG7
  • 6AW8A [x2]
  • 12AX7A (used) [x2]
  • 12AU7
  • 6AL5 [x6]
  • 6Al5 (used) [x3]
  • 6AU6 [x5]
  • 6AU6 (used) [x3]
  • 6AV6 [x3]
  • 6AV6 (used)
  • 6BE6
  • 6BQ7A
  • 6BQ7A [x2]
  • 6CB6A [x2]
  • 6J6 [x2]
  • 6J6 (used)
  • 25Z6GT (used)
  • 25L6GT (used)
  • 6SN7GT
  • 6SH7 [x2]
  • 6W4GT
  • 12SA7
  • 25L6
  • 6SN7GTB
  • 6SN7GTB [x4]
  • Matsushita 12BH7A (used)
  • JJ Electronic 6L6GC [x4]
  • GE 6CL6 [x2]

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as shown in photos, and does not include any accessories.


  • Empty boxes for 6AL5, 12AU7, 6AU6

PHYSICAL CONDITION:  Like New- The majority of these tubes are in their original packaging and appear to have never seen use. Some have their original paper/cardboard sleeves, and many of the boxes are still a bit crisp, feeling as though they haven't been opened since being in the factory. Several of the tubes (as indicated under this listing's specs) are used and have been returned to their box, showing the cloudiness and dust of having been in use, or otherwise not enclosed in their packaging. Great set overall!

WORKING CONDITION: Untested- We do not have the current setup or related devices on hand to test this item to its fullest operation. It in no way implies that we have any knowledge of any issues with the item that we are trying to avoid or take responsibility for. We have tested and evaluated the item to the best of our ability with our current tools on hand and found nothing out of the ordinary. Our standard return guarantee applies should you find anything functionally wrong with the item within 30 days of receipt. 


UNPACKAGED DIMS: 14" x 6.5" x 8"

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