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NEVE 66 Series 36x4x2 36 Channel Broadcast Mixing Console #27631

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MODEL -  66 Series

FUNCTION - Mixing Console

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a Vintage NEVE 66 Series 36x4x2 Broadcast Mixing Console.

ACCESSORIES - This item includes three NEVE PS12108 power supplies with cabling (one spare, two to power console) (two power supplies have the 48V disconnected).  It also includes an assortment of manuals, multi-channel recording snakes, Canare mic cables and Elco-XLR fanout cables.  Otherwise, it comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Good: There are various broken button caps, some cracked knobs, some missing indicator caps, missing bottom/ rear panels, signs of oxidation, moderate wear, but it looks good and sturdy overall. It has console tape in many spots which we left on as it requires some heavy cleaning to remove the dried residue off underneath the tape. 

WORKING CONDITION - Good: Without the computer (terminal) we are unable to route the console and test all the basic functions through the faders and master section. It does power up fine, noting the 48V phantom power has been disconnected at the power supplies. We were able to run a signal through the channels pre-fader and send them out the direct out/ sends. 

All the mic/line preamps tested working very well, except channel 14 had a very low level and static/ distortion, possibly from a bad cap. All the EQs tested working very well, except the stereo channels 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 31, & 35, where the EQ would not activate pre-insert. There are a lot of control knobs that are stiff, buttons sticking, and other signs that a thorough cleaning and lubrication will be needed to restore smooth operation. The gain (input sensitivity) digital controls work, but are exhibiting skipping around and intermittent response, some worse than others, also likely just in need of cleaning and lubrication.

The console has been out of service for many years and was in use in a broadcast environment before it was given to us. It is a worthy console that will not require much time or expense to restore and will add a ton of function and great sound to any contemporary studio for an incredible price. 

SHIPPING: This item requires shipment by FREIGHT. The price listed in this ad is just an estimate. We will need to crate the console and power supplies. Please inquire with your postal code and we will get you a quote. 

TOTAL PRE-SHIP WEIGHT - Console = 720 lbs. ; Power Supplies = 288 lbs. ; Accessories = 219 lbs.

TOTAL PRE-SHIP DIMS - Console = 82" x 42" x 46" ;  Power Supplies = 19" x 23" x 39" ; Accessories = 44" x 24" x 16"

  • Pallet #1- w/ 3 Neve Power Supplies, Neve Manuals, Neve Power Supply Cables: 522 lbs. / 36"x42"x36"
  • Pallet #2- Neve Console: 720 lbs. / 82"x42"x46"

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