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LANGEVIN AM16 Preamps 251a Equalizer & Mastering Lab Amps Recording Rig #19110

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MODEL - Custom System

FUNCTION - Equalizer/Amplifier System

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a custom built LANGEVIN AM16 Preamp & 251A Equalizer, �MASTERING LAB Line Amplifier System (The Line Amp was built by Steve Haselton at MASTERING LAB).

The quick story behind the creation of this rig is told best by the client for whom we are selling it:�

"In the 70's I worked a a studio in Hollywood..Producer's Workshop...right behind the Mastering Lab (Doug Sax's original place) It had a custom built console with those Langevin EQ's..24 channels, and outboard AM-16's for preamps. The sound and 'tone' of the setup was unbelievable. This was the idea behind this rig we are talking about.�

There are three anvil cases... Preamps in one, EQ's in another, and the gain amps in the third. The idea was to stack 'em up and use all three in conjunction and completely bypass whatever console in whatever studio."


  • Vintage LANGEVIN 12 Channel AM16 Preamplifier. Each Channel has On/Off and Pad switches mounted on rack unit above the Preamp�(Boost signal before EQ processing)
  • Vintage LANGEVIN 8 Channel Passive Equalizer �
  • 1990's MASTERING LAB 24 Channel gain Amplifier (Make up gain to restore signal level after EQ)

The way it is set-up allows you to use the preamps, EQ's and gain amplifiers separately or whatever sequence you want. This is a completely unique system and you are not likely to see another one like it. Great opportunity to score an amazing vintage Langevin 'console' type system that is plug and play.�

ACCESSORIES - Includes 3 IEC Cables connected to a WIRE MOLD Plug In Outlet Center (racked with Line Amp), Two 3-Prong Extension Power Cables for EQ and Preamp. Each component is rack mounted in an A&S ANVIL Style Shock Mount Rack Case. Also includes Mogami Audio Snake Cables to connect all three components of the system:

  • 2 x DB25 (1 x Male 25 pin / 1 x Female 25 pin) to XLR (8 x Male / 8x Female)�
  • 1 x XLR (12 x Male) to TT (12 x Male)
  • 1 x XLR (12 x Female) to TT (12 x Male)
  • 3 x DB25 (2 x Male 25 pin) to TT (16 x Male)

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Very Good. All units show light use and are in great condition for their age.�

WORKING CONDITION - Excellent! All units function great!

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