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Keyboard Products Bill Beer 50-60Hz Frequency Stabilizer Hammond B3 Organ #18881

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BRAND: Keyboard Products

FUNCTION: 50-60Hz Frequency Stabilizer 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Bill Beer/Keyboard Products 50HZ to 60HZ Frequency Converter.

This unit was designed for use with a B-3 Hammond Organ to stabilize/regulate the Hertz from it's power supply. A common problem with B-3 organs is that the power supply feeding them has a problem with HZ (hertz) not being consistent. This is common with power generators at live events or overseas venues.

The tone wheel will not spin at the correct speed and therefore the organ will sound out of tune. This magic box has one cable that connects to the B-3 and feeds it a steady 60HZ power source to keep it in tune.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.


  • 8 foot 7-pin Leslie cable

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - The chassis is in excellent structural condition, as are its handles, and all of the output connector's pins are straight. There are several wear marks on the chassis where is has been bumped and dinged.  All of the screws and rubber feet are intact. Overall, this item is in excellent physical condition!

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - Unit is housed in a sturdy and elegant body with handle, both of which are in fantastic shape. The pins on the connector are in great condition as well. Overall working condition is excellent!

We evaluated this item to the best of our ability without having all of the related devices or parts on hand to test this item to its fullest operation and found nothing out of the ordinary. It in no way implies that we have any knowledge of any issues with the item that we are trying to avoid. We are confident the item works as intended and so our standard 100% return guarantee applies should you find anything functionally wrong with the item within 30 days of receipt.



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