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Fender Rhodes EK-10 Mark III Electric Piano Synthesizer EK10 #30039

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BRAND: Rhodes


FUNCTION: Electric / Electronic Piano

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Fender Rhodes EK-10 Mark III Electric Piano Synthesizer


  • Rhodes Mark III EK-10 was released in 1980.
  • This was a Stage 73 with an integrated synthesizer component, designed to create "futuristic" sounds by modulating and mutating the Rhodes tone.
  • EK-10's Front Panel Included :
    • Rhodes Master Volume
    • Rhodes Tone section:
      • Bass Fader
      • Treble Fader
      • Filter Elec 1 Fader
      • Filter Elec 2 Fader
    • Rhodes Bass Level Section:
      • Rhodes Fader
      • Elec 1 Fader
      • Elec 2 Fader
    • KBD Split Switch
    • Wave Form Section
      • Three different options
      • A&B Tunning Knobs

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes its "Suitcase" lid cover and does not include any additional accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good- This vintage Rhodes Keyboard has very little wear on the actual unit which sits inside its own Rhodes travel case. The keys all look clean without little to any imperfections. The control panel is in pristine condition, all the faders and controls remain intact.

The case in which the keyboard sits on has visible lacerations and other minor imperfections. The case has two large sections where its tolex material was ripped off. Lastly, the keyboards protective corners have a bit of oxidation. The keyboards actual overall condition, Very Good.

WORKING CONDITION: Fair- This keyboard has great tone, with the acoustic keys sounding like they're in tune, and the electronics tracking very naturally. Meanwhile, all the sliders for blending of different tones and the buttons for the electronic sounds also appear to work swimmingly.

The top half of the keys don't transmit any signal on the Rhodes setting; they do come through on any of the electronic settings, though there are many dead keys all the way up the keyboard. This unit appears to have most of its different features working well, and could use a good thorough treatment to bring all systems back to working order.



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