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EMT 251 Digital Reverberation System Reverb w/Case Sunset Sound Factory #30604

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MODEL: 251

FUNCTION: Reverb unit

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a EMT 251 Digital Reverberation System from Sunset Sound Studios. 


  • serial #: 45477
  •  16-bit
  • "REV" = main reverb
  • "NON LIN" = non-linear
  • "250 REV" = reverb sounds like the 250 unit (Some 251 units have this as "SPC REV" = space verb.)
  • "DEL" = delay
  • "CHOR" = chorus
  • "ECHO" = echo
  • "D REV" = doppler reverb

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.


  • pull-over fitted road case with casters

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent- The paint has a few chips and scuffs  on all sides of the unit. One of the four sliders is missing it's value indicator, but it still functions correctly. All connectors and adjustment controls are in great shape, overall it's in excellent condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Good- This unit sounds phenomenal across all patches, consistently delivering pristine sound and smooth operation of all major features. As is common for these units, the display no longer works, though adjusting by ear is just as rewarding. The reverb program button does not light, and the echo button sticks when pressed, but can easily be slid back out when you need to use another settings. Also, the non-linear reverb makes a mild bitcrushed-sounding crackle when engaged, but works very well. Across the board, there are only minor quirks on this unit that otherwise works extremely well, and the sound is truly special.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 24.5" x 39.5" x 15.5"

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