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Cordovox 10LR-25 Tremolo Chorus Leslie Rotating Speaker Guitar Cabinet #32232

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BRAND: Cordovox

MODEL: 10LR-25 

FUNCTION: Tremolo Chorus Leslie Rotating Speaker Guitar Cabinet

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Cordovox 10LR-25 Tremolo Chorus Leslie Rotating Speaker Guitar Cabinet for parts or repair.


  • Internal code: S 2609

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes a footswitch, and does not include any additional accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good- This unit has a striking vintage quality to its look and feel, having aged cosmetically while remaining largely in tact as far as structural integrity and overall build is concerned. The grille cloth is softly faded and shows three horizontal dark patches, and the tolex has a fair number of nicks and tears, plus some yellowish patches on the front, rear, and sides.

There's a general, set-in layer of surface dust in most crevasses, while the insides are mostly clean, just exhibiting moderate to heavy oxidation. The hinges of the rear compartment move fluidly and the cabinet door locks in place securely. All in all, vintage in just the right amount!

WORKING CONDITION: Non functional- This item does not appear to power on or show signs of life. When hooked up and connected to power, pressing the footswitch yields a moderate electric shock to the user. Further testing/diagnosis has not been done.

It's entirely possible that this item, in the right hands, could be brought back to 100%. In it's current state, it is non functional and being sold for parts or repair only.


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 21.75" x 21.5" x 14.5"

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