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1984 ALEMBIC Spoiler Electric Bass w/ 4 Novatone Magnet Fretboards & Case #26856

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MODEL - Spoiler w/ NOVATONE Interchangeable Fretboards

FUNCTION - 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for an 1984 ALEMBIC Spoiler Electric 4-String Bass w/  Four NOVATONE Interchangeable Magnetic Fretboards and Hardshell Case.

  • Serial #: (unknown - Most likely removed from the 24th fret w/ NOVATONE Fretboard Installation )
  • Finish Color: Natural Dark Wood
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Nut Width: 1 4/5"
  • Scale Length: 32.5"
  • Fretboard: 4 NOVATONE Interchangeable Magnetic fretboards: 24 standard frets, Fretless black (no fret markers), Fretless w/ fret markers, Fretless stainless steel (no fret markers) 
  • General Neck Shape: Thick C Shape
  • Pickup Configuration: 2 ALEMBIC Active Pickups
  • Knob and Switch Configuration: Volume, Tone, 4-position pick-up selector, 2-position volume boost switch

ACCESSORIES - This item includes a Hardshell Case (9 volt Battery for Active Pickups Not Included). Comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Good. The body has a few light scuffs and scratches on both sides. The screw holding the nut in is stripped and has been glued in place. The Tone pot is damaged internally (see Working Condition). Otherwise, the bass is solid and in Very Good shape.

WORKING CONDITION - Very Good. The tone pot's turn stop is broken. The shaft rotates in a continuous circle changing the tone from high to low and back again. Just at the point of the highest tone setting, where it should stop, there is added noise which suggests it may have reduced or compromised shielding. If set before the point of noise, the Tone control can still be used effectively.

 Otherwise,  the electronics are fully functional. The bass plays well on each of the various fretboards and has relatively low action. The tone is dark, and rich without being muddy. There's plenty of girth and definition with every bit of the sound Alembic Basses are known for. 

Changing of the fretboards is easily done within minutes. All fretboards play well and allow the musician to access various styles and techniques while using the same bass. Although the very edge (closest to the pickups) of the magnetic fretboard base occasionally lifts when moving the interchangeable fretboards, there seems to be plenty of life in the magnetic adhesion system and in the fretboards. 


TOTAL PRE-SHIP DIMS - 47.5" x 4" x 16"

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