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Alembic F-1X Tube Bass Preamp Mono Pre-Amplifier F1X #30333

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BRAND: Alembic


FUNCTION: Tube Bass Preamp

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a Alembic F1X Tube Bass Preamp Mono Pre-Amplifier.


  • Serial Number: 901287
  • Controls
    • Bright Switch
    • Volume Knob
    • Bass Knob
    • Middle Knob
    • Treble Knob
    • Deep Switch
    • Direct Output Section
      • Pre/Post Switch
      • ISO/GND Switch
    • Frequency Knob
    • HF Level
  • The Alembic F-1X is the mono version of the F-2B preamp.
  • Has built in effects loop and crossover.
  • Includes a standard full range output.
  • F-1X gives you a unity-gain impedance matching amplifier to feed guitar-level effects units.
  • The effects return goes thru the tube gain stage and then to the tone controls. The signal from the tone controls is amplified and sent to the full-range output jack on the rear panel. This same signal is also fed to the crossover network. A transformer-isolated output feeds a 3-pin Cannon jack.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes a power cable. This item comes only as seen in photos, and does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good- This pre-amp unit has minor scratches on the sides of it. One of the unit's rack ears is moderately bent and has paint chipped off of it. The frequency knob is missing a cap but works just fine. Lastly, the branding on the unit has a bit of wear consisting of paint deterioration. Overall, the pre-amplifier is in good condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Fair- Solid, reliable tone in a compact package. This amp's straightforward configuration is lined with a nice handful of useful features, all of which find their knobs & respective switches to be in clean, consistent working order.

The output of this preamp has a high noise floor and a few odd background noises that pop in, so this unit is best suited for practice. The XLR out on the front doesn't work, but the rear output works just fine. Largely functional overall!



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