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ADM S/TV 16 Channel Analog 16x6 Mixing Board Small Format Sidecar Console #30388

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FUNCTION: Analog 16x6 Channel Mixing Board

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for an ADM S/TV 16 Analog 16x6 Channel Mixing Board. This console was purchased from the Home Shopping Network several years ago. The buyer of the console sent it to straight to David Kulka of Studio Electronics here in Burbank where it was re-conditioned by tech Steve Anderson. Some of the work included:  

  • Master Section Re-capped
  • Phantom power added to channels 1-10
  • Complete Patch-Bay wiring and integration
  • Sourcing and compiling original schematics
  • Over $10K in work was invested.


  • 16 Channel ( 1st 10 are mono, 11-16 are stereo)
  • 8 Buss
  • 3-band EQ


  • Power supply and cable
  • Board blue prints in binder (No Manual included)


  • 2 - Bittree 96 point TT patchbay
  • 4 - 10' Mogami multi core cables wired to the board
  • 1 - 20' Mogami multi core cable wired to 1-female Elco connector
  • steel frame stand for board

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - Super solid and well-built. The console looks great, was housed in a professional television facility where it was taken care of very well. Every knob, fader, and meter looks terrific. A small chip can be found on the bottom left corner of channel 13. Minor scuffs and some rack rash can be found on the lower part of the console body where it was previously housed, but that is only noticable when underneath the desk. Push-button switches and LED indicators work perfectly. Overall condition of this console is very good!!

WORKING CONDITION: Very Good - Console is in terrific shape and it works and sounds fantastic, but it does have a few minor issues:

Input channel 1 has an issue passing signal as does the mic preamp on channel 4. EQ modules work perfectly throughout the board as does the buss and submaster sections. Signal routing and signal flow throughout the console can be fully attuned to any setup a studio may require, accomplished via the pair of TT patchbays included with the console. Wiring and connections are housed in a very organized, clean, and professional fashion. All other channels, both mono and stereo modules, work great and are in excellent working condition. Overall working condition is very good!

Keep in mind that this console does not include a manual and it was clearly designed for specific broadcast purposes so some of the functions and routings are a bit hard to translate to the thinking of typical analog console use. Many people use these consoles for audio recording in professional studios and it is considered a "poor mans" API.  With that we will not be providing tech support or "How to's" to the new owner. A tech savvy engineer is recommended as a new owner for this unorthodox console. 

One tricky modification that has been done by a local studio that has one of these consoles is that they found that the eq's we're swappable with 500 series modules (with some wiring modifications). Check out "The Ship" studios or see the link in one of the photos above. 

UNPACKAGED WEIGHT: 330 lbs. total

  • board: 178 lbs
  • stand: 60 lbs
  • power supply: 42 lbs
  • patch bay & cables: 50 lbs


  • board: 42.5" x 21" x 38.5"
  • stand: 41.5" x 20" x 28"
  • power supply: 19" x 7" x 15"
  • patch bay & cables: 19" x 14" x 15"

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