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3M M64 Professional Recorder 2 Track Stereo Tape Machine #28315

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MODEL : M64 Professional Recorder

FUNCTION : 2 Track Stereo Tape Machine

DESCRIPTION : This listing is for a 3M M64 Professional Recorder 2 Track Stereo Tape Machine.

ACCESSORIES : This machine comes with a power cable and remote, otherwise this item comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION : Good. This machine has seen many years of use, showing many scrapes and dings on the cabinet, a spot on the left of the machine where Formica was chipped and has been repaired, and numerous razor marks on the transport deck near the iso-loop and near the calibration grease board. The words are worn down on the transport buttons on the deck, however, the remote buttons are still present. The power cable outer jacket is ripped and broken in several places, however, internal wire insulation looks safe and sound. Other than that, the case is mechanically sound.

WORKING CONDITION : Poor/Needs Repair. This machine plays back OK from MRL tape at 15ips, (slow speed is 7.5ips) and was able to be tweaked into calibration, however, will need some work to get to full operating condition. It does not appear as though the machine has ever been recapped, and one capacitor has a broken lead on a playback card. Transport works at both speeds, meters work great. 

The machine records very low level and cannot be tweaked up high enough to get proper output level, however it does record. As machine does not record at the proper level, it is also not possible to fully test bias/erase circuitry. Power button gets stuck every now and then. Neither channel reliably switches between A and B output from transport or remote, however individual channel controls switch fine. Both channel headphone amps work fine.Being sold "as is" for repair or parts. 

ACTUAL WEIGHT : 190 lbs.

ACTUAL DIMS : 27" x 52" x 23"

SHIPPING: This item will have to be crated and shipped FREIGHT. The price in this listing is only an estimate. Please email us with your postal code and will get an exact quote for you. 

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