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28 Space Dual Bay Shock Mount Studio Credenza Rack ATA Road Flight Case #23978

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BRAND - Matt Snowball Music - London

FUNCTION - Road Case

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a Matt Snowball 28-Space Dual Bay Shock Mount Rack ATA Road Flight Case. Designed to be portable workstation, recording, Pro-Tools station. On the left side you have a specially sized compartment fitted for a Mac Pro Computer, above that a heavy duty accessory drawer. Left Side Dimensions: 8.25" x 21" x 5.75" (drawer), 8" x 24" x 20" (compartment)

The shock mount cage that is floating inside on rubber bumpers is an amazing and elegant work of construction. Utilizing UK Style interchangeable cage nut rack hole mounts you can arrange your gear in any formation. Also, with the custom double rear rack rails allow you to secure drawers or shelving of two different lengths. This is an amazing high-end piece of equipment, suitable for racking then nicest audio or video gear for music or film. Utilizes standard 19" rack rail widths. 

This rack was $3,000 New.

If you are in the USA you might not have heard of "Matt Snowball" cases. They are built in the UK and are totally pro quality, tour quality cases made to ATA standards. These are not cheap cases. They are on par with Anvil, A&S, Jan-Al brand cases that are synonymous with exceptional build quality. Note the heavy duty recessed hardware and large locking casters. This is very good stuff! These came out of the famed London Sphere studios which recently moved here to Los Angeles. Much of their vintage and high-end studio equipment was transported in these cases. We currently have a large variety of cases we are selling on their behalf as they settle into their new studio!

ACCESSORIES - Includes several dozen black cage nuts to mount in the rack. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Excellent! Purchased new and never used. A few minor exterior scratches from storage and moving around.



TOTAL PRE-SHIP DIMS - 56" x 31" x 36.5"

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*Note: The guitar is the photo is there to show relative size, it is not included.

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