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2 MB Electronic MB C520 Condenser Mic Pair MBHO Grandmaster Recorders #28895

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Techno Empire is honored to present for sale this piece of recording equipment from legendary Music Studio, Grandmaster Recorders. Originating in the 1970’s as Hollywood Bijou Studio, where Stevie Wonder wrote and rehearsed his classic album “Songs in the Key of Life”, it later changed its name to Grandmaster Recorders where it produced dozens of acclaimed albums such as Red Hot Chili Peppers “One Hot Minute”, Beck’s “Midnight Vultures.” Tool’s “10,000 Days”, No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” & Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf” to name a few.


BRAND: MB Electronic


FUNCTION: Vintage condenser microphone pair

DESCRIPTION: This listing is for 2 super rare German Made Vintage MB Electronic MB C520 Condenser Microphones. These mics are not very well known, but to those who knew about them, they were very much a secret weapon for recording an acoustic guitar -considered a better choice for acoustic guitars than even a KM84. MB's head engineer and MB's founder, both spent time working alongside some of the top names in German microphone design. Vintage MB Electronic microphones are highly sought after and almost never turn up for sale! 

ACCESSORIES: This pair of condenser microphones includes 2 AKG SA 40 mic clips, 2 XLR jumpers for the microphones, and a vintage Serval handbag for storing. This item comes only as seen in photos and does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good. Both mics appear to have seen a lot of careful use and have the usual dings and scratches to show for it. The fine metal screening at the tip of the capsule of each mic is a bit dented, while one is very slightly broken through; only detectable under close inspection. Both mics have been crudely engraved "BM 1" and "BM 2" respectively. Well-loved, while still being very much intact and in good shape altogether.

WORKING CONDITION: Good. While both mics sound good, it should be noted that they both by design have relatively low headroom and some DC on the audio output of the power supply which causes a pop when plugged in and we're not sure if that's a design issue or malfunction. The mic marked BM2 is slightly noisier than the other. Other than that, they would still sound great on lower level signals and shine on acoustic guitar.


ACTUAL DIMS: 10" x 7.375" x 5.625"

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