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1987 IBANEZ CF3 Roadstar II Pro540 Custom Radius Electric Guitar w/ Case #25940

Super Rare !!! One of a Kind !!!

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MODEL - CF3 / Roadstar II Pro540 Custom

FUNCTION - 6 String Electric Guitar

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a 1987 IBANEZ CF3 Roadstar II Pro540 Custom Electric Guitar w/ Case 1 of 80

  • Serial Number:  no serial, identified as "CF3" as written in the neck pocket and an "S" stamped on the neck heel.
  • 1 of 80 Guitars in the Roadstar II Pro540 Custom Collection
  • 1987 540R Radius HSS body with Wizard neck, Sharktooth Inlays, and IBANEZ Edge Locking Tremolo System (Licensed by Floyd Rose).
  • Color: Gloss Black with Flames, One of a kind - painted by Japanese Artists in the Nagoya Illustrators Club
  • Pick Ups: Neck - SEYMOUR DUNCAN Hot Rails, Middle - (original) IBZUSA Single Coil, Bridge - (original) IBZUSA Humbucker
  • Weight: 7.35 lbs
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Number of Frets: 22

Information on the Roadstar II Pro540 Custom Collection is extremely hard to find, although the guitars remain highly sought after. This guitar, identified as “CF3”, is one of 80 guitars, each identified by a number following the letters "CF", uniquely designed and painted to celebrate the 80th anniversary of HOSHINO GAKKI, the manufacturer and owner of the IBANEZ brand name. Manufactured in 1987, the intention was to have the guitars painted and later sold in 1988 after promotion at trade shows. These guitars were both featured on a poster displaying the entire 1988 Roadstar II Pro540 Custom Collection and at The Frankfurt Musikmesse trade show, where a huge IBANEZ booth showcased 40 of the 80 guitars in a large pyramid shaped display.

The president of HOSHINO, Joe Hoshino, invited Japanese artists from within and outside the company to create unique designs for the Pro540 range of guitars (models: 540R "Radius", 540S "Saber", and 540P "Power"). The poster states that the “Ibanez Freedom Office" approached a group of artists named "Nagoya Illustrators Club" to design and produce the graphics for the 80 guitars. Artists such as Hideo Shimoda, Akio Taya or Takashi Kuwahara contributed to the project as well as Mr. Hoshino who submitted at least eight designs of his own.

The guitars were built at the Fujigen factory and given to the artists in an unfinished state. The diverse and unique designs range goes from airbrush over other painting techniques to cloth applications, special effects finishes, engraving and even carving. They appear either subtle and calm or loud, colorful and visually striking. Some are as radical as being covered with artificial tiger fur. Many of the designs carry an Asian guiding theme such as Samurai warriors, or references to the neon-style pop culture of the 80s.

The poster features a total of 80 guitars. Comprising the 80 guitars are 56 Radius 540R's, 16 Power 540P's, and 8 Saber 540S's. The vast majority of guitars were equipped, as shown on the poster, with IBZUSA pickups (OEM items from DiMarzio USA) in HSS configuration, plus two pots and three mini switches for pickup selection; this is pretty much the standard electronics as found on the 540 series as of 1987/1988. Three of the 540P's have a single bridge humbucker with a plastic cover and two of the 540S's have a triple-coil monster pickup with an oversized bezel at the bridge. A Rosewood fretboard, possibly Ebony on some models, with small dots was very common, but there are 13 with Sharktooth inlays and white binding as well as 11 with Maple fretboard. Further evaluation shows that 35 of the poster guitars feature black hardware, 22 with gold, 11 with chrome and 12 have cosmo black.

Out of the 80 guitars on the poster, 40 were shown at the Ibanez booth during the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1988. A few CF's were displayed at the Meinl Guitar Festival in 2009, as part of the Meinl Ibanez Museum (Vintage Show) exhibition. Only a small handful of CF's have been sold to the public in the last few decades. Currently, it is extremely rare for one to be available for sale.

ACCESSORIES - Includes Original Hardshell case, Locking Nut Tool, and Tremolo Arm. This item comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Good. The clear finish covering the body has various chips and light scratches throughout. There are a couple small areas where a chip or ding is deep enough to reach the wood such as around the bottom strap button, and a chip on the bass side near the neck pocket. Otherwise, almost all scuffs and marks are only in the clear coat. There's one medium length crack in the finish  on the treble side of the neck pocket which continues around to the rear of the guitar passing under the neck plate.

The Metal screws and hardware have signs of oxidation showing the guitar was played fairly regularly. The gear cover is missing from the rear of the high "E" tuner. The saddle block insert for the "D" string on the Floyd Rose is missing, but still holds string in place. Overall the guitar is sturdy and in solid shape. Despite the light scratches and dings throughout, the guitar is in good shape and very solid. 

The tolex of the guitar case is tearing from edges.

WORKING CONDITION - Good. The guitar plays great and has a very comfortable feel. The original Neck pickup has been replaced with a SEYMOUR DUNCAN Hot Rails. The original switches remain attached to the guitar, but the electronics wiring needs some minor corrections. Some wires and switches are not properly connected. The switch closest to the rear of the guitar has no wires connected to it. The middle switch activates the middle pickup. The switch closest to the neck, which should be a 3-way pickup selector, is wired to be Neck-Bridge-Bridge, when switched to respective positions. The Middle pickup, or its corresponding switch, seems to have been wired in reverse phase.

When either the Neck or Bridge pickup are selected and the Middle pickup is activated, the volume and treble response drops down noticeably. I couldn't imagine that this was the intention of whoever re-arranged the wiring. Although the pickups need to be properly connected to the switches to regain the original range of function, the guitar still sounds very good when plugged in. Rewiring the pickups and returning the switching to original spec should be a quick and simple project for anyone familiar with guitar electronics.  The custom paintwork and unique features make this an eye-catching guitar that can back up its great looks with high performance playability. 


TOTAL PRE-SHIP DIMS - 40.5"x 14" x 4"

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