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1977 Electra Outlaw X610 MPC Bass Guitar Owned by Justin Meldal-Johnsen #29367

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BRAND: Electra

MODEL: Outlaw X610 MPC Bass

FUNCTION: Electric bass guitar

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1977 Electra Outlaw X610 MPC bass guitar owned by Justin Meldal-Johnsen. This bass comes directly out of Justin's personal gear collection. 


  • Finish Color: Charcoal grey sunburst
  • Nut Width: .62"
  • Scale Length: 32"
  • Fretboard:Ebony
  • General Neck Shape: Medium C
  • Pickup Configuration: Magnaflux rhythm pickup and P-Bass style treble pickup
  • Knob and Switch Configuration: Master volume, master tone, effect 1, effect 2, module on/off switch 1, module on/off switch 2
  • Adjustable string mute
  • Modular Power Circuit electronics, back panel for effects module access


  • Treble Bass Expander MPC3 effect module
  • Trigger Filter MPC6 effect module


  • Pro Tec International padded gig bag
  • GHS Bass Boomers roundwound short scale light strings, .045"-.095"
  • Cymbal felt
  • "Genuine Eminence Inside" decal

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good. This phenomenally sturdy bass's smoky finish has a calm vibrancy to it, while the bass overall shows usual player wear in the form of many light scratches across the front and back of the instrument. There are three prominent scratches to the left of the rhythm pickup, while the back shows a bit of buckle rash. The tuners are lightly oxidised, but all the hardware is in excellent shape. The rear access panel is also lightly scratched, but opens and closes reliably. This bass shines at first glance, and has a wonderfully unique look!

WORKING CONDITION: Fair. The playability and tone of this bass shine though, though an electrical issue makes itself apparent in the form of clipping when lower notes are played with any reasonable amount of intensity. The knobs are smooth and quiet during operation, while the pickup selector switch makes a bit of noise when moved. Additionally, pickup settings 1-3 exhibited a harmonic distortion in addition to the clipping present on all settings. 

Both MPC slots appear to function well enough, but the MPC cards weren't working well enough to test for sure. A proper repair will get this bass roaring back to life!


UNPACKAGED DIMS: 50" x 6" x 16"

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