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1967 Vox Super Beatle V4141 Amp w/ Cab & Trolley Owned by Andrew Gold #31373

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MODEL: Super Beatle Model V4141

FUNCTION: Guitar Amp 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1967 Vox Super Beatle Model V4141 Guitar Amp Owned by Andrew Gold.

We are selling this guitar directly for the estate of esteemed singer/songwriter Andrew Gold. This guitar comes directly out of Andrew's personal gear collection! Per request, for fans of Andrew we can include a certificate of authenticity to verify its provenance. 


  • Cabinet Serial #I195489
  • Head Serial #I054306

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good - The logo plate, speakers, body, and connections of the speaker cabinet all have full integrity. There is moderate oxidation on the screws, several light rips in the tolex that have been re-glued, and the white grille cloth border is present, but has been cut in the center of its top.

The grille cloth has some spot marks near the bottom, and has come loose in a 22-inch long portion on its left side. One of the corner reinforcement knobs is broken. There is moderate oxidation on the metal frame. Overall, this amp is in good physical condition for its age.

Good - The head grille cloth, handle, corner reinforcement pieces, knobs, connections, switches, and light are all intact. There is a 12-inch area of tolex and wood underneath the front bottom part of the grille that has become loose and separated from the unit. It has heavy oxidation on the internal chassis and several of the screws and metal pieces.

There is a sticker on the back from a previous service company. There are two 3-inch rips in the tolex on the back of the unit that have been re-glued. There are light dings and scratches on the metal piece of the control board - knobs, chassis, and connections, as well as light tears and dings in the tolex. Overall, the amp is in good condition!

WORKING CONDITION: Poor- "Normal" channel has either yielded faint signal or no signal at all, while the "Bright" channel sounds fantastic. "Bass" channel works fine as well. The reverb input cable appears to have a short, as bumping into it can cause signal running through it to be high-passed, or cut out completely.

Additionally, the power knob will sometimes only yield sound when held halfway between the "Operate" and "Bypass" settings. Tapping or jostling the power knob tends to briefly bring signal back, but sound is also prone to cutting out on its own or becoming a bit crunchy sounding. This amp will need to be serviced to get it back in to shape. As is, it is currently in poor working condition.



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