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1965 Marshall JTM45 MKII Block Logo Head w/ 4x12 Slant Cabinet Half Stack #31770

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BRAND: Marshall

MODEL: 1965 JTM45 MKII Block Logo

FUNCTION: Guitar head & Speaker cabinet

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a 1965 Marshall Block Logo JTM45 MKII head & cabinet. 

This amp is designed to run on 220V and requires a step up transformer to work. It has been recently serviced by Bob Dixon of the world famous Amphole in lovely Burbank, CA. (Rock N' Roll, USA)


  • Head serial #: 1054
  • 6 - "Clapton Knobs"
  • 220V power input
  • 1 - Mazda Valve ECC83 tube
  • 1 - Brimap 12AX7 tube
  • 1 - Electro Harmonic 12AX7EH tube (NEW)
  • 1 - Genalex KT66 tube
  • 1 - Pinnach EL37 tube
    • 1 - Eico 5AR4/GZ34
  • cabinet serial#: 1107
  • Original Leather handles, original white Vynair Grill Cloth, original Black Lavant Tolex
  • 4 - Celestion G12 T0652: 15Ω, 15W 12" speakers. Original T652 Alnicos with original 1777 cones.
  • date code printed on front gasket: 3-24CK (24 March 1965) & 1-28DK (28 April 1965)

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

No speaker cable or step up power transformer is included.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good- The tolex on the head has heavy wear, small tears, and discolored areas. The top carrying handle has been replaced and is not original. The control knobs on the front and the connection on the rear are in great shape. For it's age the head and is in great shape, overall, good condition.

Good- The speaker grill cloth has 9" and 5"x5" "L" rips that has been repaired. Five other smaller tears have been sown by hand. The tolex has heavy wear, tears, and holes exposing the wood in many places. A 8"x4" logo "AJP" has been painted on the left side.
Four of the 16 screw holes of the rear panel in the speaker cabinet are stripped out. Both handles on the top of the cabinet are falling apart and should not be used for lifting. A empty 1/4" hole and 4 screw holes are on the rear panel. Overall, the cabinet's in good condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent- Just completely and utterly wonderful on all counts. Killer tone, with everything from articulate cleans to brick-heavy distortion and everything in between, precisely responsive to your touch. Sounds fantastic, whether you like to jump channels or just go one at a time.

The knobs are clean on adjustment, there's no unusual noise, and everything functional on this amp purrs smoothly. Note: the head is prone to rattling when placed on top of the cabinet, so placing it on a separate surface may yield a cleaner overall sound. All in all, fantastic amp!


  • head: 30.5 lbs.
  • cabinet:77 lbs.


  • head: 26" x 10" x 8.5"
  • cabinet: 30" x 30.5" x 14"

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