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BLOCKHEAD Custom 50 Prototype Guitar Tube Amp Head Owned by Jerry Finn #27200

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Techno Empire is pleased to present this item from the personal recording arsenal of esteemed record producer Jerry Finn. At the request of his family we are offering for sale his prized collection of recording gear to music makers the world over. To view other items that are part this treasure-trove of gear, simply enter [Owned by Jerry Finn] into our store search area. 

INVENTORY #  27200


FUNCTION - Guitar Amp Head

DESCRIPTION - This listing is for a BLOCKHEAD Custom 50 Prototype Guitar Tube Amp Head owned by producer Jerry Finn.

We were able to get some much appreciated background on this amp by its builder Ossie Ahsen, who now builds amps under the 3 Monkeys brand. Here are the details as provided by him:

I would estimate that the amp was built somewhere in the late 1990’s, and is a very early version of the Blockhead Custom 50 amplifier circuit. Here are some things I can say-

- I personally built that chassis and cabinet (I built everything then)  

- The chassis was a riveted  (not welded) aluminum one that I hand made on a smaller manual brake I owned (This was before I could afford a larger brake and tig welder)

-The panels and logo plate were silkscreened plexiglass, screened  from the reverse side and then painted  to opaque them ( I used gold paint mostly, the white/ cream was for original designs).  

-The silkscreen  company was located in NJ and did all the Eventide screening back then (united silkscreen). I received the panels without the backing paint so I could choose the color I wanted the panel to be.

-Additionally that front panel was originally screened with 4 inputs as a super lead would have had; I scraped off the lettering indicating the 4 input positions and corresponding markings leaving only the “input” letting.

-There is no serial number, this would indicate that it was a prototype amp that I was still tinkering with :). People often wanted to buy my proto amps as they feel that if they like the sound of an amp then they should buy THAT amp!!! (Not a duplicate)

- I can’t be 100 % on the path this amp took but I would say it might have gone to George Lynch first… I never spoke with Mr Lynch or sent this amp directly to him but was informed that I was dealing with his close friend who often procures equipment for him to use.  I never verified this but this is what I was led to believe. Seeing the amp in Mr Finns collection was a bit of a surprise but maybe verifies that chain of custody 

- The back cabinet panel was not of my making, I does not fit and the metal mesh is on sideways.  I was  a bit of a stickler for cosmetics (still am) and I worked on things to the best of my ability.  I am sure I could have made a panel that fit the cab properly and covered the rear control panel ends :). This may have been made later as back panels are often discarded/ lost over time.

- The ac input for the amp is a vintage bulgin receptacle.  I bought as many as I could find and used them on my builds for years.  Love em!

-The sound I was going for at the time was Fair Warning EVH.  

Is the amp a little crude???  Yes!!!    At that time no Internet forums existed to guide me or to give me schematics or a link to a pre-made chassis and exact replica parts.  I made / sourced every part I used personally.  I had to use my wits to come up with solutions armed with nothing more than a cordless phone and 3 phone books.  I was NOT internet savvy and neither was most of the world !!  I would buy and sell old amps for my research, frequent ham radio shows for obscure parts , reverse engineer transformers, basically do all the legwork with my legs!!!  I miss those days :). I will say I had some good people helping me from time to time with a lead (Ken Fischer, and guys like him), but for the most part the fun was in figuring out HOW I could build what I wanted:). The joy of finding an old transformer or a stash of McMurdo or cinch sockets WAS the juice. It was a nerdfest.

This amp is significant to me for the fact that it was made just when doors started to open up for me.  Somehow word got out that I was making these things  and my phone began to ring, sometimes from people I never though would ever be calling in 100000000000000000 years.  At this point I though I just might be able to  make a run at this love for a living.  It was a surprise and I cannot emphasize that enough, It was one of the best times of my life and I am thankful for all the people that let me continue to do this.

This item includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jerry’s sister to validate the historical provenance of this piece of gear! 

ACCESSORIES - This item includes a power cable with vintage bulging connector and one of Jerry's instrument cables; otherwise, it comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION - Very Good: There are some scuffs, small tears on corners in the covering; some spots of discoloration; a little ingrained dirt in crevices; but it looks very good overall.

WORKING CONDITION - Excellent. The 2-way toggle switch appears to a high end boost. It tested 100% and sounds great.


TOTAL PRE-SHIP DIMS - 29" x 8.5" x 12"

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