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Black Box Analog Design HG-2 Tube Saturator Compressor Prototype HG2 #31561

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BRAND: Black Box Analog Design

MODEL: HG-2 Prototype

FUNCTION: Tube Saturation

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for an ultra rare Black Box Analog Design HG-2 prototype.

This unit is serial #004. It is an early prototype model that was one of ten units sent out to beta testers. It is different from current production models in that it was 100% handbuilt by Robert Wainscott, the founder of Black Box. It also features transformers not found on current models as wells as high end NOS Mullard and RCA tubes.

The LED meters on this unit are not connected as this was how the unit was sent out as a protoype. We have talked with Robert Wainscott and he said that attaching the meters is not an option on this unit, at least it is not a service that they are going provide. 

The owner of Black Box has emailed us a link to a video on how to calibrate the unit. If need be somewhere down the line, anyone can do it without having test equipment. It is a private link that we can give you as the new owner of this unit if you or your tech want to delve into calibrating the unit. 


  • Serial #SDDR004

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item includes a power cable. This item comes only as seen in photos, and does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Excellent - Unit is beautiful, from its polished steel chassis to its bright blue lights, to its accurate and powerful feeling control knobs. There is some wear around the rack screw mounting holes located on the front. Some light scuffs can be found on the body and around the rack ears, but do little to take away from this unit's gorgeous look.

Overall condition is excellent!

WORKING CONDITION: Excellent - This unit is exquisite, esoteric and simply amazing. The magic touch it puts on your mix is above and beyond warm and vibey, it is a silky smooth infusion of clarity and tonal euphoria. The 3-way Tilt selector gives body and weight to an otherwise hollow mix. Dull mixes lacking top-end frequency presence can be revitalized with crisp sizzle and airy presence.

The control knobs feel superb and work effortlessly. Push-button LED switches are solid, very bright, and work perfectly. Currently, the LED meter is not currently wired for power, please note that this is by design as this unit is an early prototype and was not intended to have this LED meter bridge operating. We have talked to the owner of Black Box Analog Designs and confirmed this information regarding the meter. 

But be absolutely assured, this unit works perfectly, save for the LED meter which was never wired up when the owner of Black Box Analog Design handmade this unit. The inoperative does not affect this unit's functionality or sound in any way. All switches work perfectly, every control knob operates flawlessly, as do both pairs of rear panel XLR jacks.

Every aspect of this unit is of a quality rarely found in any outboard gear. This piece is a studio treasure, no doubt about it. Overall, the unit is in excellent working condition!



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