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5 B&B Aphex EQF-2 Parametric Equalizers EQs w/ Rack Grandmaster Recorders #28815

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Techno Empire is honored to present for sale this piece of recording equipment from legendary Music Studio, Grandmaster Recorders. Originating in the 1970’s as Hollywood Bijou Studio, where Stevie Wonder wrote and rehearsed his classic album “Songs in the Key of Life”, it later changed its name to Grandmaster Recorders where it produced dozens of acclaimed albums such as Red Hot Chili Peppers “One Hot Minute”, Beck’s “Midnight Vultures.” Tool’s “10,000 Days”, No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” & Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf” to name a few.


BRAND: B&B Aphex



DESCRIPTION: This listing is for 5 B&B Aphex EQF-2 Parametric Equalisers with Unpowered 10-space Rack. Please note that an external +/- 15V power supply will be needed to power these modules, as a power supply is not included with the item.

ACCESSORIES: This item comes only as seen in photos, and does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good- There is significant rack rash on top and front of unit, however overall mechanically in great condition.

WORKING CONDITION: Poor- The modules are in various states of functionality, as detailed below by serial number. The "winky" part of most of the buttons work great, and knobs feel good, although most units have a bit of scratchiness when turning knobs. Overall, even in bypass mode, the units are dark sounding and not passing the top octave very well.  The rack requires a power supply which is not included, all the terminal strips are intact to attach a power supply. 

  • 1004 - Bypass is very dark, most buttons make some crunchy noises when pressed, all bands work, intermittent distortion
  • 1005 - Lots of hum and buzz, low bell/shelf button is sticky and intermittent, otherwise passes signal, and high frequency +/- winky button is broken
  • 1006 - Very low level, EQ does not work, oscillates at high frequency when filter is engaged
  • X11 - Works OK, but intermittent heterodyning/oscillation and distorted output
  • X12 - Lo filter sounds weak, High frequency +/- button is intermittent, as is low bell/shelf button, distorted output

ACTUAL WEIGHT: 12.3 lbs.

ACTUAL DIMS: 19" x 8" x 5.5"

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